Banque Misr

Banque Misr



After the revolution, when things haven’t changed much in Egypt, Egyptians suffered from lack of identity and no sense of belonging.

Being the oldest bank in Egypt, Banque Misr lacked needed to create an emotional link with Egyptian citizens.The bank wanted to bond with every Egyptian, communicating its strongest value – being 100 years old and proudly 100 % Egyptian.

So instead of doing just another advertising campaign, AB\TBWA Egypt created a different strategy and decided to use a different communication channel: Music. Nothing resonates with Egyptians more than music, which speaks right to the audience’s hearts.

A Song was written, starting with the magic lyrics: “I’m the son of Egypt …. I’m unbreakable” and exceeded all expectations, sung and heard in every celebration of success, by an entire population, which turned it into an anthem, and a symbol of hope and patriotism.


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