Highway Gallery

Louvre Abu Dhabi



For U.A.E. Innovation month, Louvre Abu Dhabi – the first universal museum in the Arab region – gave the world another exciting first: a radio-guided highway gallery along the Sheikh Zayed Road.

While en route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, drivers had the extraordinary opportunity to journey through the museum’s masterpieces like never before: The idea is to use billboards to showcase 10 major works alongside the EE/11 Sheikh Zayed highway, which goes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and supports over 12,000 commuters daily.

The “world’s first and only radio-guided highway gallery” stretches across about 62 miles of road. Upon approaching the billboards, drivers tuned to 100.5 FM, 91.6 FM or 95.8 FM will find their music interrupted by a museum audio guide—whose crystal-clear sound is reinforced by an FM jammer powered by solar panels.

As the first museum of its kind in the Middle East, Louvre Abu Dhabi represents a new perspective of art’s universal accessibility and power to move and connect. With the launch of Louvre Abu Dhabi Highway Gallery, the museum aims to communicate that art can, and should, be enjoyed and explored by all.


2018 \ Dubai Lynx \ 2 Grand Prix \ Silver

2018 \ Cannes Lions \ Gold \ Silver \ 2 Bronze

2018 \ Loeries \ Grand Prix \ Gold

2018 \ WARC MENA Awards \ Gold

2018 \ LIA \ 2 Silver \ Bronze

2019 \ WARC Media Awards \ Gold

2019 \ Dubai Lynx \ 3 Gold \ 5 Silver \ 6 Bronze



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