Kefa Parts




Nissan wanted to raise awareness among its car owners on the danger of fake spare parts, and prove to them without a shred of doubt that they have absolutely no idea how to tell the difference between fake and genuine parts.

During the grandest assembly for avid car lovers; Dubai International Motor Show, we decided to sell the most ridiculous fake spare parts…ever. Rearranging the letters of the word “FAKE”, we created a brand called “KEFA” offering an air filter, fuel injector and brake rotors. Except, they’re really a kitchen strainer, printer toner and shower drain respectively.


2018 \ Dubai Lynx \ Bronze

2018 \ Loeries \ Bronze


Dune Bashing Outdoor

The desert season in the Middle East – October to March – is key for all those desert afficionados and it has been a crucial tentpole moment for Nissan to bring forward its off-road capabilities. But in a place in which every single billboard and hoarding is bigger than the next, how would we make one massive outdoor stand out and live in everyone’s phones?