Launch Film




With Lebanon entering a third year of crisis, traditionally imported brands have a hard time finding a market, and Lebanese customers are turning towards locally-made products, which are easier to come by and more affordable. This change in household choices, however, shouldn’t become a compromise on quality. And so, LIAMO introduced its own range of Lebanese pasta, prepared the authentic way, and matching original Italian quality.

For the launch, it was decided to take the production all the way to the source: Italy, joining forces with local Italian talents and professional actors to produce a film under the slogan: Pasta from Lebanon that’s driving Italians crazy.


The Noble Speech

Using technology, TBWA\RAAD helped The Womanity Foundation bring late female scientists back to life, to turn them into Nobel laureates for their significant work and enable them to finally give their “Noble Speech” that was never written or delivered when it was due, to mark their legacy and place in history, in a field that was male-dominated for decades. The campaign brings to life Womanity’s mission to accelerate gender equality and foster an inclusive world where every girl and woman enjoys full rights and equal opportunities.