Nissan Patrol campaign featuring premier football team, Manchester City.

A League of its Own

Nissan Patrol


Nissan Middle East broke new ground in sports sponsorship with the launch of its thrilling campaign, “A League of its Own,” in partnership with the renowned football team Manchester City.

This pioneering collaboration sets a new standard in sponsorship advertising by seamlessly integrating a social-first campaign, starring Manchester City’s key players Jérémy Doku, Kyle Walker, and Bernardo Silva. Through a blend of humor and excitement, the content pieces feature the players, enjoying the lavish experience of the Nissan Patrol, momentarily distracted from their usual training routines.  

“A League of its Own” places the iconic Nissan Patrol center stage, highlighting its distinctive luxurious features. From meticulous planning to compelling execution, this campaign is designed to resonate deeply with fans while showcasing Nissan’s commitment to excellence and innovation.


Be Unbound

In life, milestones such as career advancements, homeownership, and starting a family are often considered as significant achievements that define our success. However, these traditional markers can confine us to predictable routines, limiting our potential to explore new passions and embark on uncharted adventures.

Nissan Unbound