Nissan Unstuck Poster

Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC)



The desert is not for beginners. The first rule of off-road driving is to go in convoy. However, many inexperienced drivers go alone, their overconfidence makes them believe that any 4×4 vehicle can get out onto the dunes, when in reality, not all 4×4’s are created equal, and driving in the desert requires a small amount of skill and technical knowledge. Most of these beginners end up stuck and need help getting unstuck. We believe that no-one should get stuck in the desert, so we created the Unstuck poster: A poster that also doubled as a traction mat, to free cars stuck in the desert.


2020 \ CRESTA \ Bronze

2020 \ Loeries \ Bronze


Ghost Pepper Twister

For ages, advertising has spewed the same rhetoric about spicy food, especially in the MENA region, where food isn’t food unless it’s covered in spice and the over the top “masculine” challenge approach is the norm.