Pasta Assassins




LIAMO was looking to launch in Lebanon with a small budget.

Since LIAMO was a new pasta brand launching in Lebanon, the brand needed to gain maximum awareness fast, get conversations going and inspire their target audience to shift brand – all this with a limited budget.

LIAMO had to come up with something completely new and different that was sure to gain awareness quickly and spark interest among households:

Introducing: “Kill your kids” – a program where parents can (out of love) hire someone to kill their kids virtually – in their games – so they can enjoy a nice bonding moment at the dinner table. Through an online portal developed and powered by LIAMO, parents could log on and pick a gaming assassin (made up of highly skilled Fortnite and PUBG gamers) to enter their child’s game and kill them multiple times, frustrating them enough to leave the game and join the family for dinner – served by LIAMO pasta!


Abu Benti

On Arab Women’s Day, TBWA\RAAD partnered with Max Fashion to launch “Abu Benti” (Father of my daughter). In the Arab world, fathers are nicknamed after their eldest sons, whether they have sons or daughters, due to the traditional belief that having a son is a blessing.