Defy Ordinary

Nissan Patrol



Nissan’s campaign for the new flagship model of its iconic Patrol 2023, embodies the essence of the brand platform ‘Defy Ordinary.’

Crafted for conquerors, the Nissan Patrol boldly rejects the status quo, forging its own path and defying expectations. It empowers those who refuse to settle for the predictable, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The campaign celebrates individuals who embody the spirit of “Never Stand Still”. These trailblazers relentlessly seek motion and progress, both in their personal lives and on the road. They refuse to remain stagnant, always striving to explore, achieve, and conquer. They challenge the notion of complacency at the pinnacle of success.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a captivating main film that showcases the grace, movement, and sheer power of the new Nissan Patrol, leaving viewers in awe of its performance.

The full funnel 360-degree campaign follows the latest industry practices in precision marketing and delivers on Nissan United’s objective of being the world’s most creative precision marketing automotive team.


The Originals

KFC, purveyor of world-famous fried chicken, once again pushes the boundaries of creativity with its campaign ‘The Originals’. Rooted in the brand’s heritage and originality, the 360-degree campaign aims to infuse a fresh and relatable energy into the KFC experience across the MENA region.