Refs for Change




In 2022 and for the first time in history, female referees officiated the Men’s FIFA World Cup. An opportunity M.A.L.I. used to hijack the World Cup conversation and turn the spotlight from men to women.

Every time one of the female referees blew the whistle during a World Cup 2022 match to recognize the acts of men, M.A.L.I. tweeted in real-time to highlight women across the world who have pioneered and succeeded in other male-dominated fields. Using the visual language of football analytics, we highlighted the achievements of trailblazing women who would otherwise never get the world’s attention. Thereby, transforming whistles from calls for help to symbols of empowerment and turning female referees into heralds of change.


Unity Billboards

In modern politics, campaigns are all the same. Successful ones are fueled by money. That is especially true in Lebanon where political parties are rooted in sectarianism and corruption. People expect the recurring empty promises and nepotistic candidates from all campaigns. Voters follow religious affiliation and are hostile towards other parties. The country is plagued by divide.