Skins of Peace

Amnesty International



We’ve all been stopped for that “random search” at airports…no wait, we haven’t. These “random checks” have in fact been targeting mainly Muslims lately as fear of terrorist attacks beckoned. Being from the Middle East however, we know for a fact that Islam truly is a religion of peace in teachings and in practice, and we have experienced t and practiced it firsthand. Accordingly, we felt the duty to empirically demonstrate the same to the world. So, we set out to shift public opinion from misconception to understanding, from exclusion to inclusion.

The idea was to transform passports to messages of peace, tolerance and acceptance. Accordingly, we looked into Islam’s Holy Book, The Quran, as the sole source of and true bearer of the essence of this religion, for verses that relay this message. We then decided to design passport holders that carry these messages in English, the world’s most commonly used language. They would be known as the Skins of Peace.


2017 \ Lories \ Bronze

2018 \ Dubai Lynx \ Gold \ Silver \ 2 Bronze

2018 \ Loeries \ Silver \ Bronze


Slow Face

2 parents suffer as they witness their son suffer from Slow Face. The face of slow internet.