Space For Rent?




For the second year in a row, we teamed up with Meta, to amplify the voice of local small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the MENA region and inspire people to rethink the significance of their individual action. We helped struggling small businesses get back on their feet. The same businesses that make up the cornerstone of every neighborhood, and with whom we all have personal relationships that are beyond just business. We created “Space for Rent”, a movement empowering people to become a living ad space for their favorite SMBs by using their most powerful asset: their social profiles.

All they had to do: turn their cover photos and social profiles into an advertising space for their favorite local business. What started small turned into a movement, and became the talk of the region, with 100+ articles covering it worth $1,217,125 in earned PR value.

Here’s to using social media for good by amplifying our love and support!



Counterfeits are everywhere. Clothes, bags, shoes, phones, watches, jewelry, movies, and everything in between. But a thing that is commonly counterfeited is something you wouldn’t expect: KFC photos. From the largest cities to the smallest villages across the MENA region, restaurants, corner shops and cafeterias share a very familiar set of photos: KFC’s fried chicken, Zingers, Twisters, etc. And the reality was that there was very little KFC could do about it.