The Missing

MTV Lebanon



Over 17,000 people have gone missing since the start of the Lebanese civil war in 1975. To date, their families and friends are desperately searching for answers on their whereabouts. Multiple demonstrations have been held to pressure the government to take action, yet little has been done, because authorities are concerned they will reopen old wounds and stir up tensions in a country that has a long history of being divided along sectarian lines. As time goes by, family members are passing away, making it more challenging to collect useful DNA samples that would help clarify the fates of the missing; yet, the urgency of the topic has been fading into the background. MTV, as a news network, wanted to bring attention back to cause by adopting a very disruptive tone.


Big Families

Lebanese urbanites often joke about their rural cousins having larger families because they have little else to do but procreate.