A Call For Dialogue

The Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications


Lebanon, a nation grappling with despair and corruption, yearns for a lifeline. While many Lebanese view the election of a president as the initial step towards stability, the public finds itself in a state of limbo after enduring over six months of waiting for politicians to engage and reach agreements. As a result, the presidential seat remains unoccupied.

Launched on World Conversation Day,”A Call to Dialogue” ingeniously turned the absurd excuse of Lebanese politicians – not having each other’s contact details – into a powerful catalyst for change. This excuse epitomized the broader communication breakdown in Lebanese politics, hindering the country’s progress. By displaying their phone numbers on strategically placed billboards and directly engaging them on social media, we forced politicians to confront and address their avoidance of dialogue. This bold move transformed a trivial excuse into an impetus for political engagement, simultaneously empowering the Lebanese public to actively participate in and demand political discourse. The campaign’s simplicity and directness turned a common excuse into a compelling tool for fostering dialogue and instigating social and political change.


Save Our Deserts Too

Numerous campaigns have been made to bring attention to the problems at sea. But in the Middle East it’s the desert that needs saving too.