Audio Hunters




During the Dubai International Motor Show where the loudest wins, INFINITI defied the rules by designing an exclusive experience enabled by technology and real drivers’ stories: The Audio Hunters activation. It gave the occasion to our prospect buyers to have a better understanding and create an emotional connection with their favorite model on the stand, despite the overwhelming environment. The activation took place on the INFINITI stand at the Dubai Motor show over the course of the 4 days open to the public.

Audio beacons strategically placed around and inside the cars were activated and triggered based on motion matching the right content accordingly to our Hunters’ location.

More than just listing the specs of the car, the audio bites were describing our cars beyond the numbers, a true human take on features and design, adding an emotional layer to the experience ultimately removing last hesitations before purchase.


2018 \ Dubai Lynx \ Bronze

2018 \ MENA Effie \ Silver


One-drop Bottle

Introducing the Pril One-Drop bottle, the exact detergent bottle, reduced to the size of a fingernail. Inside, the exact powerful volume of 1ml that removes crust and grease from a whole set of dishes.