How do people usually motivate themselves to run in the city? Overall, the motivations for urban runners to work out in the city are diverse and multifaceted, reflecting the unique opportunities and benefits that urban environments offer for running and physical activity.

The answer is simple: the city is a big influencer to get people running out there and prevent them to go indoor.

But there’s a problem: most routes in Beirut are affected by many obstacles making the route not as friendly as it used to be.

Bad routes don’t encourage people to keep running.
What if we could find a way to support the runners of Beirut to find the best routes to keep running and enjoying a friendly experience?

Introducing “BeiRoutes” – a digital crowd-generated platform – to help runners defeat their biggest workout rival – the city.


You Be The Judge

In a country like Lebanon, everyone always has an opinion and makes sure to share it. No matter the reasoning or the agenda, any change will bring about 5 million opinions.