You Be The Judge



In a country like Lebanon, everyone always has an opinion and makes sure to share it. No matter the reasoning or the agenda, any change will bring about 5 million opinions.

This is even more true when the change in question happens to something as popular as the Roadster Menu. So, how do you launch a new menu and leave the space for everyone to express their own opinion? By reminding everyone that they are the only real judge when it comes to the food they like.

Introducing: “You Be the Judge”, a campaign that gives the Lebanese people the official space to take up the mantle and be the final judge for their taste buds. With fun and playful social media and OOH executions that make light of the different opinions people might have about the menu – and the different agendas they might be pushing – Roadster successfully launched its new menu in a party that brought together fans, influencers, and long-time Roadster lovers under one roof.


Feed the AI

The possibilities seem endless when it comes to AI but when it comes to Pasta, there’s only one way to do it right – slurping away at your spaghetti in a socially acceptable way of course.