Champion’s Hijack

Go Sport



Football is the main sport in the middle east, but since they lack strong competitive teams in their own countries, European football has become their major passion, and champions league the most important event. Paralyzing the region. Specially the UAE.

GoSport is a sports retailer in Dubai that sells all kinds of sporting goods, from the latest football boots and gear to the jerseys of participating Uefa Champions League teams. So this was the best moment to promote GoSport and their football kits. But how do we take advantage of the hype without the budget to hire superstars to sponsor them, and with few materials given by brands like Nike and Adidas full of T&C of usage?

We took the superstars out of the picture and left their gear alone. In partnership with Sport360, UAE’s most influential sports daily newspaper, we developed real­time print ads on the nights of the quarterfinal rounds.

By using real­time photography selected and provided by their editing team, right at the newspaper’s newsroom, we were able to develop our ads that ran in their printed platform. All this data treated and put together in the space of 30 minutes.


2016 \ Cannes Lions \ Bronze

2016 \ Clio Awards \ Bronze

2016 \ Epica \ 2 Gold

2016 \ MENA Effie \ Bronze

2016 \ Loeries \ 2 Gold

2017 \ MENA Cristal Festival \ 5 Gold \ Silver

2017 \ D&AD \ Wood Pencil

2017 \ One Show \ 2 Bronze

2017 \ Dubai Lynx \ Silver \ 2 Bronze

2017 \ Festival of Media Awards \ Gold \ 2 Bronze


Kefa Parts

Nissan wanted to raise awareness among its car owners on the danger of fake spare parts, and prove to them without a shred of doubt that they have absolutely no idea how to tell the difference between fake and genuine parts.