Dune Bashing Outdoor

Nissan Patrol


The desert season in the Middle East – October to March – is key for all those desert afficionados and it has been a crucial tentpole moment for Nissan to bring forward its off-road capabilities. But in a place in which every single billboard and hoarding is bigger than the next, how would we make one massive outdoor stand out and live in everyone’s phones?

Transform a massive 120mt long static offline hoarding into a canvas in which an online social video – with an impressive storytelling narrative – celebrated the spirit of the Nissan Patrol.

The online film was viewed more than 5 million times in the first 24h, shared more than 50k times between fans and off-roaders, racking an impressive 130k positive comments.


Keep Asking Why

Nissan’s regional Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) campaign, “Keep Asking Why,” redefines the narrative surrounding counterfeit parts awareness through a delightful blend of humor and innovation.