Keep Asking Why




Nissan’s regional Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) campaign, “Keep Asking Why,” redefines the narrative surrounding counterfeit parts awareness through a delightful blend of humor and innovation. In contrast to competitors who rely on scare tactics, Nissan’s strategy introduces an element of enjoyment into this critical issue. By emphasizing the power of “WHY,” the campaign transforms questioning into an adventure, captivating audiences with eccentric characters and encouraging a reassessment of the authenticity of automotive parts.

“Keep Asking Why” transcends the traditional bounds of a campaign; it evolves into an interactive movement, urging individuals to become their own safety detectives and contributing to a world where authentic parts reign supreme. Embark on this journey, keep asking why, and drive with confidence alongside Nissan!


A Call For Dialogue

Lebanon, a nation grappling with despair and corruption, yearns for a lifeline. While many Lebanese view the election of a president as the initial step towards stability, the public finds itself in a state of limbo after enduring over six months of waiting for politicians to engage and reach agreements.