Feed the AI



The possibilities seem endless when it comes to AI but when it comes to Pasta, there’s only one way to do it right – slurping away at your spaghetti in a socially acceptable way of course. Unfortunately, when we look up “Human eating spaghetti” on Midjourney or DALL-E, the pictures that are generated are frankly concerning but funny. Sauce dripping everywhere, spaghetti being shoved into a person’s mouth with their bare hands – something had to be done and LIAMO wanted to be the one to show AI how humans really eat the delicious meal.

LIAMO Pasta unleashed a movement to enrich AI’s understanding of Spaghetti just like us humans do, by inviting the community to share their LIAMO Spaghetti moments using the hashtag #FeedTheAI. 


Patrol Defy Ordinary

Nissan’s campaign for the new flagship model of its iconic Patrol 2023, embodies the essence of the brand platform ‘Defy Ordinary.’