Global Buckets




For 182 days, Expo 2020 hosted the world. 192 countries each had individual pavilions. This was a first. Whether you came from Albania, Bahrain, Colombia or Kyrgyzstan, you could find your own pavilion in Dubai showing your country’s culture for the world to see.

KFC values are perfectly aligned with the Expo 2020 mindset – it is all about embracing everyone’s differences. A perfect opportunity for some brand building.

Unfortunately for KFC, the official sponsor for Expo 2020 was Domino’s pizza.

So how could we steal some of this attention and conversations around Expo 2020 and leverage this special moment to show KFC’s true colours?

Well, it turns out that Domino only exists in 83 countries.

Meanwhile, KFC is actually in Albania, Bahrain, Colombia and Kyrgyzstan and over 145 countries around the world.

We decided to capture this inclusive spirit in our design, by leveraging KFC’s most ubiquitous icon: the Bucket. Each artwork created gives a different design iteration of the famous KFC BUCKET based on one country’s unique culture, showing also what they call KFC in their market and exploring the local spin that people give to KFC.

By utilizing emblematic patterns, endemic textures, and local designs of different countries; the campaign highlighted the deep-rooted connection that KFC has with local cultures around the globe. KFC is a word that simply means ‘fried chicken’. Anywhere. Everywhere.


Launch Film

With Lebanon entering a third year of crisis, traditionally imported brands have a hard time finding a market, and Lebanese customers are turning towards locally-made products, which are easier to come by and more affordable. This change in household choices, however, shouldn’t become a compromise on quality. And so, LIAMO introduced its own range of Lebanese pasta, prepared the authentic way, and matching original Italian quality.