KFC Original Game Changers

KFC The Original Gamechangers



The Middle East has long been recognized for its exceptional gaming talent, yet until now, the global stage has predominantly spotlighted male gamers. But what about the women in the Arab gaming community?

In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize the gaming scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KFC has launched “The Original Gamechangers,” a campaign dedicated to championing female gamers in the Kingdom. As part of the “Play KFC” platform and in collaboration with the Saudi Esports Federation (SEF), this initiative underscores KFC’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity by providing Saudi women with an opportunity to showcase their talent on the global esports stage.

To register for the OG Cup, KFC has developed a dedicated microsite, KFCGaming.me, enabling female gamers to compete in Saudi e-leagues and win big prize pools.

The campaign includes a series of social films, digital content, and TV commercials, all aimed at amplifying its reach and highlighting inspiring stories of female gamers poised to make their mark globally. KFC has also introduced an exclusive Gamers meal to ensure gamers are always energized and prepared to win!


The Unmissable 50 Fils

Capturing attention amidst the glitz and glam of Dubai’s streets can be quite challenging. Deliveroo not only embraced this challenge but also raised the bar of innovative social impact, with its tech-infused holographic installation: “The Unmissable 50 Fils”.

"The Unmissable 50 Fils"