KFC X Cheetos: Crunchin' Cheese Fried Chicken

KFC X Cheetos: Crunchin’ Cheese Fried Chicken



KFC brought a mouthwatering partnership to the Middle East, teaming up with the iconic Cheetos to launch the Crunchin’ Cheese Fried Chicken!

The two legendary brands have become partners in crunch, delivering a tantalizing culinary adventure that exceeds all expectations, with the flavorful fusion of The Originals and Cheetos Cheese.

Sparking anticipation among audiences, KFC released a series of teaser films and social media campaigns, featuring the iconic character of Colonel Sanders licking his fingers for something other than fried chicken, ultimately joining forces with Chester the Cheetah for the crunchiest collab in the region. A new delicious delight has come to KFC’s menu.

This initial spark evolved into a multi-channel campaign, captivating the audience’s attention with TV commercials, digital platforms, and out-of-home advertisements.


“The Unusual Suspects”

With an unwavering commitment to challenging conventions and a well-defined mission of deeply engaging audiences, Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) has launched “The Unusual Suspects” Campaign, transcending the traditional bounds of storytelling.

Unusual Suspects