Unusual Suspects

“The Unusual Suspects”



With an unwavering commitment to challenging conventions and a well-defined mission of deeply engaging audiences, Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) has launched “The Unusual Suspects” Campaign, transcending the traditional bounds of storytelling

To forge an emotional connection with viewers, this unconventional serialized format was designed to highlight the Nissan Altima’s distinctive features and industry-leading technologies.

Each week, a new episode captures the interrogation between a suspect and the detective, unfolding into an intriguing narrative that guides the audience through the investigation process, fostering anticipation and excitement to uncover the real culprit.

For three decades, the Nissan Altima has built a rich legacy in the Middle East, spanning six innovative generations. Since its introduction in 1993, the Altima has distinguished itself with its bold design, cutting-edge performance, and innovative technology. As a cornerstone of Nissan’s lineup, this model embodies the brand’s dedication to “Innovation that Excites,” offering top-tier driving performance and making a substantial contribution to Nissan’s overall image.


Dune Bashing Outdoor

The desert season in the Middle East – October to March – is key for all those desert afficionados and it has been a crucial tentpole moment for Nissan to bring forward its off-road capabilities. But in a place in which every single billboard and hoarding is bigger than the next, how would we make one massive outdoor stand out and live in everyone’s phones?