KFC Napkinized: Napkins in any way you could imagine – because there is nothing better than eating KFC with your bare hands.

We took one of our most iconic brand assets, our slogan ‘Finger lickin’ good’, and brought it to life in a way that has never been seen before: We put our money where our mouths (and fingers) were, and turned our store into a ‘Finger Lickin’ good’ celebration, turning all instore touchpoints into napkins, proving that all you really need to fully enjoy our chicken is your fingers and a craving for our food. We ‘napkinized’ our store to let people enjoy our delicious chicken with their hands, by developing a special paper, biodegradable, degreasing, ink resistant and eco-friendly, strong enough to wipe but thin enough to get printed on with chemical free ink.

We turned all paper inside our restaurants including placemats, food bags, flyers, our posters, cashier receipts into napkins.


Don’t KFC and Drive

Eating a piece of chicken or sipping on a coffee while driving is second nature to most drivers in the UAE, who are used to spending hours stuck in traffic.