The Last words Insurance




NASCO is a leading insurance agent in the Middle East region and their core business is essentially all about facing the reality of life’s risks and building protection and readiness for when the worst happens. Death is really the worst that can happen in the world of insurance, and it is why life insurance is such a central product to protecting one’s family.

Last words matter. And as an insurance company, NASCO wanted to use technology to help provide closure. Introducing “Last Words Insurance” – a free of charge add-on to every life insurance policy which customers could choose to take or not. Customers who opted in were invited to record their last words for their loved ones in a studio and these videos were safely stored in NASCO’s secure Cloud. For every video, an NFT was created, linked and owned by the policy beneficiary. These confidential NFTs are not visible to the public, and have no commercial value, only to be released when the policy is claimed.


Here’s To Beirut

TBWA\RAAD supported The Beirut Heritage Initiative (BHI) by raising funds to help rebuild some of Beirut’s heritage buildings which were destroyed by the explosion that shook the city on August 4th 2020, and were still unrepaired, a year after the tragedy.