MTV Lebanon



A year after the August 4th explosion in Beirut – one of the biggest non-nuclear blasts in history – there are still no answers about who was responsible. Families have been left to endure an endless purgatory of mourning and rebuilding, as they try to piece some sense back into their lives without any sense of accountability.

MTV, a leading television channel in Lebanon, in partnership with TBWA\RAAD, decided it was time to break the silence, launching the #WeAreUnbreakable campaign, in which victims were powerfully depicted in glass form to demand justice from officials.

In collaboration with Swiss shattered glass artist Simon Berger portraits of the victims were formed on sheets of glass recycled from the explosion, to utter a loud and clear scream for the truth, for justice. During his stay in Lebanon, Simon visited the explosion site and several of the victims’ family members to pay his condolences and find out more about the stories that hid behind the faces he was bringing to life.

The portraits “took a stand” on one of the country’s most renowned television shows, ‘Sar el Waaet’, hosted by journalist Marcel Ghanem, during a special episode aired live from the site of the explosion on August 4th at 8:30 pm Beirut time, in memory of the victims.The world was faced with the chilling presence of the victims in front of the port silos, in hopes that this “glass demonstration” will contribute to bringing justice to life.



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